Derek Lee Goodreid

Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues.

Sparking Creativity: Songwriting Inspiration

Picture this: You’re sitting in your room, guitar in hand, ready to pen the next chart-topping hit. But instead of melodies flowing effortlessly, you find yourself stuck in a lyrical labyrinth, trying to figure out where to begin. Grab your coffee, tune your instruments, and dive headfirst into the delightful chaos of musical creation!” The first […]

Discovering Harmony: My Journey with Mental Health Challenges and Diabetes

Inspired by my journey with music and the brilliant people I have met along the way, I have started to rebuild my resilience in navigating life’s challenges. My passion for music, commitment to self-care, and finding inspiration in difficult times have driven this. Living with mental health challenges and diabetes while pursuing your dreams, working […]

Overcoming the Struggles of Imposter Syndrome: A Guide for Musicians

Imposter syndrome is a common challenge faced by artists and musicians alike. It’s that nagging feeling that you’re not as talented or worthy as others perceive you to be despite your achievements and talents. This debilitating self-doubt can seriously hinder your creative process and impede your progress. I would like to offer some practical ways […]

Embracing Self-Worth: Shaking Off the Dust and Moving Forward

Today, I want to dive into a thought-provoking concept that has resonated with me lately, especially as a musician and artist – the idea of shaking the dust from our boots in the context of relationships and situations where we might not be valued or respected. It’s a metaphor that speaks volumes about our worth […]

Struck By Lightning Again, Voodoo, Blues & Roots & Reviving My Inner Engine.

Much like restoring a vintage car to its former glory, my journey as a blues and roots musician from Perth, Western Australia, involved bringing life back to the core of my being this year. I’ve grappled with PTSD, social anxiety, and clinical depression. I’ll walk you through the parallel process of crafting my latest rockabilly […]

How Songwriting and Creativity Illuminate the Path Beyond Depression

It’s 3am and I have been struggling with insomnia all this week and feeling low. In the symphony of life, we often find ourselves entangled in the discordant notes of depression. The weight of this emotional struggle can be overwhelming, leaving us searching for a lifeline. One such lifeline that has proven to be remarkably […]