Derek Lee Goodreid

Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues.

Better Done Than Perfect: Embracing Growth.

In music, where every note, lyric, and performance is meticulously scrutinised, the pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming. As an original music artist, vocalist, guitarist, and mental health advocate, my journey has been about shifting the focus from perfection to progress. I’d like to share some insights from my experience that might help anyone […]

Embracing Self-Worth as a Songwriter and Musician: Learning to Be Enough for Yourself.

I may have already discussed this in a previous blog, but I needed a gentle reminder for myself and it’s also often overlooked. As songwriters and musicians, we pour our hearts and souls into our craft, constantly seeking to express our unique voices. However, with its relentless comparisons and criticisms, the music industry can make […]

Developing A Thick Skin: Navigating Criticism in the Music Industry

This week, I received some high praise from Vox + Guests on Youtube and on another high note, a friend of mine, Delilah Rose, released an amazing, awe-inspiring protest song called Ceasefire. Unfortunately, it received some unkind feedback from Submit Hub people, and Delilah was brave enough to share it on her socials and give […]

How Poetry Techniques Enhance Songwriting Skills

Poetry and songwriting share a symbiotic relationship, relying on language’s power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and capture the essence of human experience. Aspiring songwriters can sometimes overlook the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that can be gained from studying poetry and its various techniques. Songwriting is a journey of exploration where every word and […]

Sparking Creativity: Songwriting Inspiration

Picture this: You’re sitting in your room, guitar in hand, ready to pen the next chart-topping hit. But instead of melodies flowing effortlessly, you find yourself stuck in a lyrical labyrinth, trying to figure out where to begin. Grab your coffee, tune your instruments, and dive headfirst into the delightful chaos of musical creation!” The first […]

Discovering Harmony: My Journey with Mental Health Challenges and Diabetes

Inspired by my journey with music and the brilliant people I have met along the way, I have started to rebuild my resilience in navigating life’s challenges. My passion for music, commitment to self-care, and finding inspiration in difficult times have driven this. Living with mental health challenges and diabetes while pursuing your dreams, working […]