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Sparking Creativity: Songwriting Inspiration

Picture this: You’re sitting in your room, guitar in hand, ready to pen the next chart-topping hit. But instead of melodies flowing effortlessly, you find yourself stuck in a lyrical labyrinth, trying to figure out where to begin. Grab your coffee, tune your instruments, and dive headfirst into the delightful chaos of musical creation!”

The first step on the songwriting journey is an exhilarating endeavour filled with boundless opportunities for self-expression and creativity. At the heart of this journey lies the magical process of finding inspiration – the spark that ignites the flame of musical imagination. While it may seem daunting at first, fear not, for within every moment and experience lies the potential for inspiration to flourish.

Now picture yourself standing before a blank canvas, armed only with a palette of emotions, experiences, and ideas. This blank canvas represents the infinite possibilities that await you in songwriting. Instead of viewing it as intimidating, embrace it as a canvas brimming with potential and promise. Let yourself be swept away by the excitement of exploration, knowing that within this blank space lies the opportunity to create something truly remarkable. The poem “The Though Fox“, written by Ted Hughes, is about writing poetry and employs the symbol of the fox to represent the concept of the muse, which haunts the poet-writer and disrupts his peaceful night.

One of the most beautiful aspects of songwriting is its ability to transform everyday moments into extraordinary works of art. Take a moment to reflect on the world around you – the sights, sounds, and sensations that fill your daily life. From the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind to the warmth of a loved one’s embrace, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. Embrace the beauty of life’s rich tapestry and allow it to weave into the fabric of your music.

Emotions serve as the lifeblood of music, infusing melodies and lyrics with depth and resonance. Whether it’s the exhilaration of love, the melancholy of loss, or the joy of new beginnings, each emotion carries the power to inspire. Don’t be afraid to delve deep into the wellspring of your feelings, for within them lies the raw material from which great songs are born. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and let your emotions guide you as you navigate the creative process. Good examples of songs where the label matches the can of emotions include Alone and Forsaken, Killing In the Name and Can’t Help Falling In Love.

Inspiration often lies in the ability to see the world through different lenses. Step outside your comfort zone and explore perspectives that may be unfamiliar to you. Engage with art, literature, and music from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and be enriched by the myriad voices that populate the world. By embracing diversity and open-mindedness, you’ll discover a treasure trove of inspiration waiting to be unearthed.

Songwriting need not be a solitary pursuit. In fact, collaboration can be an incredibly enriching experience, allowing you to bounce ideas off of fellow musicians and creatives. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your passion for music, and let the synergy of collaboration propel you to new creative heights. Whether jamming with friends, attending songwriting workshops, or seeking feedback from mentors, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with others on your musical journey.

As you begin your songwriting journey, remember that inspiration is all around you, just waiting to be discovered. Embrace the beauty of life’s moments, tap into the wellspring of your emotions, and explore the world with an open heart and mind. And above all, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the process – for in the act of creation lies the true joy of songwriting. 

Ideas to get you started,

  1. “Reflect on a recent experience that stirred strong emotions within you, whether love, heartbreak, joy, anger or sadness. Write a verse that captures the essence of that emotion and build a melody around it.”
  2. “Think about a vivid image or scene from nature that has left a lasting impression on you. Use descriptive language to paint a picture with words and craft a chorus that encapsulates the beauty and significance of that moment.”
  3. “Consider a thought-provoking question or philosophical idea that has been on your mind lately. Write a set of lyrics that delve into the complexities of this topic and compose a catchy hook that leaves listeners pondering its deeper meaning.”

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Derek Lee Goodreid began his songwriting in his twenties as a confessional exploring his own battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with punk acoustic influences.

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Derek Lee Goodreid

Perth blues, rockabilly and country musician, Derek Lee Goodreid, began his songwriting in his twenties as a confessional exploring his own battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with punk acoustic influences. After moving to Norway for love Derek’s music and lyrics evolved influenced now by Jeff Buckley, Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, and Robert Johnson. Derek’s blues-inspired rockabilly won his newly formed band, Howling Light, a place to compete at Notodden Blues Festival and several festival gigs in Norway and established venues such as Cafe Mono and Buckley’s Blues and Roots Bar. Since then Derek has released four solo albums and has returned to his home town of Perth Western Australia. He continues to write, record, and perform his own special brand of Americana, Delta Blues, and Rock with his howling vocals red, hot rocking guitar, and heart of gold. Follow Me On Facebook

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