Derek Lee Goodreid

Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues.


Welcome to the lyrical world of Derek Lee Goodreid, where stories unfold and emotions run deep. A treasure trove of heartfelt words and captivating narratives. Derek’s lyrics reflect his personal experiences, touching upon themes of love, loss, resilience, and the human condition. 

Road Of Bones Cover2
Road Of Bones
Road Of Bones I’m a rambling man, I’m a rambling manAnd I keep a suitcase by the door wherever...
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Farmer hand touching wheat ears
Feel It!
Feel It! Like the sun will rise again I know it’s you that I can depend. You know how I know...
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Lucky Dice
Lucky Dice These lucky dice are on fire baby. Ante up I came to play I hope lady luck is here to...
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Crow Feather Blues
Crow Feather Blues I remember back when we were close like the hands of a prayer but now when I conjure...
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Black Cat Blues
Black Cat Blues Black cat don’t you dare cross my path. Black cat I can hear your laugh. Black...
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Sticking Around
Sticking Around You can bury me out in the desert. Bury me up to my neck. And the vultures are circling...
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Born to raise and sing the blues
Born to Raise Hell and Sing the Blues
Born to Raise Hell and Sing the Blues When I was born the devil knew that I was born to raise hell...
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Devil's Due
Devil’s Due If the devil’s in the details then it’s better the devil you know and...
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Hurricane Heart
Hurricane Heart I don’t want to fall in love, coz everything I love is destroyed before my eyes. I...
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How I Wish
How I Wish How can this be? I have found my true love across the sea and out of reach. How I wish...
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