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Harmonising Body and Music

We often find ourselves immersed in the creative process of music, constantly refining our craft and seeking more profound connections with our art. As songwriters and musicians, we value the importance of practice, dedication, and inspiration. However, amidst our musical pursuits, an often-overlooked ally holds immense potential for enhancing our abilities: exercise. This, I have found on my journey, has been the key to unlocking my unique voice, music skills, and songwriting. My goal daily is early morning walks by the river and it helps being amongst nature and finding that calm before the storm or whatever comes that day.

Exercise and music are not separate entities; they are interconnected facets of our well-being, each complementing the other in profound ways. Whether you’re a vocalist, instrumentalist, or both, integrating regular exercise into your routine can yield numerous benefits for your physical health, mental well-being, and musical expression.

Improved Respiratory Control and Vocal Performance

For singers, mastery of breath control is fundamental. The ability to sustain lengthy phrases, hit notes precisely, and convey emotion through one’s voice hinges on the strength and power of the respiratory system. Cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, or cycling can strengthen the lungs and diaphragm, empowering singers to wield greater control over their breath. As a result, vocal performances become more dynamic and expressive, elevating the emotional impact of the music. I engaged in walking and humming after my accident as a way to start off because I was dealing with a lot of pain during that time. Slowly, it has built over time, and my voice has returned more potent than ever.

Enhanced Coordination and Dexterity

As a guitarist, the agility and coordination of your hands are paramount. Precise finger movements are essential, whether strumming chords, picking intricate melodies, or navigating complex solos. Regular exercise, particularly activities that hone fine motor skills, such as weightlifting, yoga, or certain sports, can improve hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. This newfound physical prowess seamlessly translates into guitar playing, enabling musicians to execute passages with precision and fluidity, unlocking new creative possibilities. We have all done the spider exercises, but you can progress to arpeggios, use scale shapes and triads for more fun, and make what you are playing more musical than mechanical. Also, I highly recommend getting an eight ball from a pool table and building strength in your hands. This helped me out a lot after I was recovering from being stabbed in the hand and was struggling with holding barre chords again.

Stress Reduction and Mental Well-being

Both music and exercise are potent tools for alleviating stress and nurturing mental well-being. Physical activity releases endorphins – the body’s natural mood elevators – which can help mitigate feelings of anxiety or creative stagnation. By incorporating exercise into your routine, you cultivate a sharper and more focused mindset, fostering an environment where creative inspiration can thrive. Whether it’s a jog to clear the mind or a gym session to release tension, regular exercise enhances your ability to tap into your musical muse, nurturing mental health alongside musical growth.

Heightened Body Awareness and Performance Presence

As musicians, our bodies are our instruments, and being attuned to our physicality is crucial for captivating performances. Exercise fosters a heightened sense of body awareness, enabling performers to better understand and control their movements on stage. Whether maintaining proper posture while singing or exuding confidence during a guitar solo, the physical discipline cultivated through exercise translates into a commanding stage presence. By honing your physical presence, you captivate audiences and infuse your music with authenticity and charisma, forging a deeper connection with your listeners.

In pursuing musical excellence, every aspect of our being – physical, mental, and emotional – converges to shape our artistic expression. By recognising the symbiotic relationship between exercise and music, we unlock untold potential within ourselves as songwriters and musicians. Whether through improved respiratory control, enhanced coordination, stress reduction, or heightened performance presence, the benefits of integrating exercise into our musical journey are manifold.

Let’s lace up our running shoes, grab our instruments, and confidently start our journeys of harmony between our bodies and music. By strengthening our physical selves and deepening our connection to the music that moves us, we can adopt a more holistic approach to life. This has been my motto for the past year, and I can attest to its transformative power. I want to share this sustainable way of doing what we love – music – with confidence, knowing that it can help others find balance and fulfilment in their lives as well.

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Derek Lee Goodreid began his songwriting in his twenties as a confessional exploring his own battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with punk acoustic influences.

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Derek Lee Goodreid

Perth blues, rockabilly and country musician, Derek Lee Goodreid, began his songwriting in his twenties as a confessional exploring his own battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with punk acoustic influences. After moving to Norway for love Derek’s music and lyrics evolved influenced now by Jeff Buckley, Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, and Robert Johnson. Derek’s blues-inspired rockabilly won his newly formed band, Howling Light, a place to compete at Notodden Blues Festival and several festival gigs in Norway and established venues such as Cafe Mono and Buckley’s Blues and Roots Bar. Since then Derek has released four solo albums and has returned to his home town of Perth Western Australia. He continues to write, record, and perform his own special brand of Americana, Delta Blues, and Rock with his howling vocals red, hot rocking guitar, and heart of gold. Follow Me On Facebook

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