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Embracing Self-Worth as a Songwriter and Musician: Learning to Be Enough for Yourself.

I may have already discussed this in a previous blog, but I needed a gentle reminder for myself and it’s also often overlooked. As songwriters and musicians, we pour our hearts and souls into our craft, constantly seeking to express our unique voices. However, with its relentless comparisons and criticisms, the music industry can make us question our worth and abilities. The key to thriving as an artist is recognising that our value is not defined by others’ opinions but by our belief in ourselves. Here’s a guide on how to embrace self-worth and let go of the naysayers.

  1. Recognise Your Unique Sound

Every musician has a unique sound and style that sets them apart. This is not a mere fact, but a powerful tool that can empower you and boost your confidence. Embrace what makes your music unique. Reflect on your journey, the songs you’ve written, and the performances you’ve given. Each note and lyric is a testament to your creativity and passion. By acknowledging your unique musical voice, you build a foundation of self-worth that stands firm against external critiques.

  1. Set Personal Creative Goals and Celebrate Milestones

Instead of comparing your success to others, focus on your creative journey. Set personal goals that align with your artistic vision and aspirations. Celebrate every achievement, no matter how small. Whether it’s finishing a new song, booking a gig, or receiving positive feedback from a listener, each milestone reinforces your growth and dedication.

  1. Practice Self-Compassion in Your Creative Process

The creative process can be fraught with self-doubt and perfectionism. Practice self-compassion by being kind to yourself during these moments. When you face creative blocks or make mistakes, remember that it’s part of the artistic journey. Acknowledge your efforts, learn from the experience, and continue creating with a positive mindset. Treat yourself with the same kindness you would offer a fellow musician.

  1. Surround Yourself with Supportive Musicians

The company you keep can significantly influence your self-perception. Surround yourself with fellow musicians who uplift, support, and inspire you. These positive influences within the music community can reinforce your self-worth and provide encouragement. If certain relationships consistently make you feel inadequate, consider their impact on your creative well-being. Remember, the right company can make a world of difference in your journey.

  1. Limit Exposure to Negative Comparisons

Social media can be challenging. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your career to others. Protect your mental well-being by limiting your exposure to unfavourable comparisons. Curate your social media feeds and focus on content that inspires and empowers you. Engage with platforms and communities celebrating creativity rather than fostering competition and self-doubt. Remember, your mental well-being is as important as your creative journey.

  1. Develop a Strong Artistic Identity

Take time to understand your artistic identity, musical influences, and what you want to convey through your music. Engage in activities that align with your values and passions. The more connected you are to your true artistic self, the less likely you will be swayed by others’ opinions. A strong artistic identity provides a solid foundation from which you can create with confidence.

  1. Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude

Mindfulness helps you stay grounded in the present moment and reduces the tendency to dwell on negative thoughts. Incorporate mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing, or journaling into your daily routine. Additionally, practising gratitude can shift your focus from what you lack to what you have, fostering a more positive outlook on your music career.

  1. Seek Professional Support if Needed

Sometimes, the journey to self-acceptance can be particularly challenging, especially in a competitive industry. Seeking support from a therapist or counsellor can provide you with the tools and strategies needed to build a healthier self-image and navigate the complexities of the music world. I know for myself seeing my GP and getting a mental health plan radically changed my life for the better

Learning to be enough for yourself as a songwriter and musician is a journey that requires patience, dedication, and self-love. By recognising your unique sound, setting personal creative goals, practising self-compassion, and surrounding yourself with supportive influences, you can cultivate a sense of self-worth resilient to external negativity. Remember, your value as an artist is inherent, and no one else has the power to define it for you. Embrace your unique voice, and let your music shine, regardless of what others may say. I wrote this as a gentle reminder to myself to embrace my own self-worth, I also hope it helps you on your own songwriting/music journey.

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Derek Lee Goodreid began his songwriting in his twenties as a confessional exploring his own battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with punk acoustic influences.

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Derek Lee Goodreid

Perth blues, rockabilly and country musician, Derek Lee Goodreid, began his songwriting in his twenties as a confessional exploring his own battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with punk acoustic influences. After moving to Norway for love Derek’s music and lyrics evolved influenced now by Jeff Buckley, Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, and Robert Johnson. Derek’s blues-inspired rockabilly won his newly formed band, Howling Light, a place to compete at Notodden Blues Festival and several festival gigs in Norway and established venues such as Cafe Mono and Buckley’s Blues and Roots Bar. Since then Derek has released four solo albums and has returned to his home town of Perth Western Australia. He continues to write, record, and perform his own special brand of Americana, Delta Blues, and Rock with his howling vocals red, hot rocking guitar, and heart of gold. Follow Me On Facebook

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