Derek Lee Goodreid

Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues.

Road Of Bones

Road Of Bones I’m a rambling man, I’m a rambling manAnd I keep a suitcase by the door wherever I amCoz you never when you have to leave as fast as you can I’m a gambling man, I’m a gambling manAnd I keep an ace of spades up my sleeve please understandCoz you never when lady luck […]

Feel It!

Feel It! Like the sun will rise again I know it’s you that I can depend. You know how I know I feel it in my soul. Like the wind howls through the trees I know it’s your love that is moving me. You know how I know I feel it in my soul. Like […]

Lucky Dice

Lucky Dice These lucky dice are on fire baby. Ante up I came to play I hope lady luck is here to stay. Her snake eyes some despise but I’m used to all of her lies. Roll the dice and don’t think twice, tonight’s gonna be my lucky night. Six, six, six I get my […]

Crow Feather Blues

Crow Feather Blues I remember back when we were close like the hands of a prayer but now when I conjure up thoughts of you are but ghosts that haunt my soul. Sometimes two can be broken as easily as one but don’t you know dear a threefold cord can not easily be broken again. […]

Black Cat Blues

Black Cat Blues Black cat don’t you dare cross my path. Black cat I can hear your laugh. Black cat I know there’s no turning back. Soon I will be owned by you. Black cat you curl up on my lap. Black cat I know it’s a trap. Your purr lulls me in I’m a […]

Sticking Around

Sticking Around You can bury me out in the desert. Bury me up to my neck. And the vultures are circling round, but you better let Death know, I ain’t ready to go. I’ll be sticking around. You can throw me out in the ocean, with nothing to hold on to. And the sharks are […]