Derek Lee Goodreid

Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues.

Derek Lee Goodreid Born to Raise Hell and Sing the Blues

Derek Lee Goodreid is a musician who wears his heart on his sleeve, pouring his raw emotions into every note he plays and every lyric he sings. With a soulful voice that’s both gritty and sweet and a deft touch on the guitar, Derek has captivated audiences with his heartfelt performances. 

Derek grew up listening to everything from blues and rock to country and folk. He picked up an old second-hand beat-up guitar as a teenager and learned to play. Then, he started writing his own songs, inspired by the stories and experiences of everyday life and his personal challenges with PTSD, social anxiety and depression. His passionate live performances and engaging storytelling have a way of connecting with audiences on a deep and personal level, leaving a lasting impression long after the last note has faded.

Derek is known for his honest, heartfelt music, which speaks to the struggles and joys of everyday life. Whether he’s singing about love, loss, or the beauty of the natural world, his songs are always deeply personal and deeply felt. And with his soulful voice and virtuosic guitar playing, he has become one of the most exciting new talents in the world of country singer-songwriters.

As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist who has already recorded seven albums in the last several years, Derek remains committed to creating music that is authentic, meaningful, and true to his own unique voice.

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